Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Catchin' Ya Up

Oh, I had such a wonderful Easter! As our office was closed on Good Friday, Angela, Meredith, Emily and I went to Columbus to Jawan's. Stuart drove over on Saturday, and we all celebrated Andrew's 2nd birthday (a week after the actual birthdate). I had such a good time loving on Andrew and Luke - they are too precious for words! His birthday party was a big success, even though Jawan and Angela worked almost all night on Friday getting things ready. For you kinfolk in other places, go to Jawan's blog and look at the pictures she posted. Of course, church on Sunday was wonderful celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!!!! Angela and family ate lunch at my house after church, after which she and Emily went with me around town to look at houses. I'm thinking seriously about selling the one I'm in and getting something else. Just in the beginning process. My ladies' meeting last night was good also. We had 17 there, and Denise spoke and told how the adoption of Rachel came about. Wow, what a testimony! This Friday night and all day Saturday, I am attending a ladies' conference at a sister church with my pastor's wife and a couple more ladies from our church. I'm really looking forward to that; however, I won't get to have my Friday night date with Emily. boo-hoo. Maybe we can make it up before they move. That's it for now so, until next time, I love you Steve, Angela, Meredith, Ethan, Emily, Mitch, Jawan, Andrew, Luke and Stuart. Mom.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Dropped the Ball Again!

Well, I really did mean to do better (more frequent blogging) but failed to follow through. We are in revival this week, so I'm at church every night through Wednesday. On Thursday night, I go to a conference at FBC (Jennifer Rothchild). Since Angela and the kids are out of school on Friday and I am off (Good Friday), we are going to Jawan's to spend the night and celebrate Andrew's birthday on Saturday. Stuart plans to drive over as well, so I'll get to be with all of my children and grandchildren for a while. We'll come home on Saturday afternoon. I got all the wallpaper stripped off the walls of the front bedroom this past weekend and want to get a single bed set to go in there. As most of you know by now, Angela and family will be moving to Florida in about a month. Therefore, I need another bed when everybody comes home for Thanksgiving, Christmas or whenever. Don't have any new carpet yet, but that's still a possibility also. I would love to get another house but, until that happens, guess I'll just be content with what I have and fix up a few things. I'm excited and sad about Angela and family moving - excited for them and sad for me - so put me on your prayer list. ha. It will be quite an adjustment for me being in town by myself, and I'll miss my Friday overnight dates with Emily. I'm just thankful that I will only be 2-1/2 to 3 hours away from all three children. God is good and is in control! Until next time, I love you Steve, Angela, Meredith, Ethan, Emily, Mitch, Jawan, Andrew, Luke and Stuart! Mom.