Sunday, June 29, 2008

A "Grand" weekend!

It truly was a "grand" weekend. I drove to Albany on Friday afternoon after work and met Jawan and family and brought Andrew (grandchild no. 4) home with me for the weekend. On Saturday, we went to the lake, fed the geese, looked for turtles, and played on the playground. Came home, ate lunch, watched a movie, and then went to the pet store to see the animals. After that, we went to Dairy Queen for ice cream and on out to Grannie's and surprised her with our visit. Came home, ate supper, watched "Water Horse", got baths and went to bed. Today, we went to church, and Andrew went to his own class and then to children's church. The last time he spent the weekend with me, he wanted to stay in my class and even sat on the piano bench while I played. I can see him growing up! After church, we went to What-a-Burger for lunch, came home and packed his suitcase, drove back to Albany where I had to give him back to his parents. It was such sweet time spent with him, and I hope to be able to do the same with Luke and Abigail eventually. So, my time this weekend was spent playing with and entertaining Andrew. Do you think the yard sales missed me? Nah. Hope all of you have a wonderful week. Until next time...Wanda.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Another "Found" Friend!!!

Gee, I'm so thrilled right now because I just got off the phone (a two hour conversation) with a childhood friend that I have not seen in probably 35 years. Her voice didn't sound the same, but mine probably didn't to her either. We really got caught up on children, grandchildren, siblings, parents, jobs, etc. etc. etc. I found her son on the Internet week before last, called him, told him who I was, got his mom's contact information and proceeded to try to reach her by phone. After three attempts, I finally gave up on that and just wrote her a letter. Well, when the phone rang tonight and I discovered it was her, I just knew she had gotten my letter and was calling because of it. But, no, she had not received my letter but had talked to her son! Now when she gets the letter it will be all "old" news. Oh well, a lot of facts will be in writing that she can refer back to if needed. Now I just need to talk to her sister, which should be happening in the next day or so. Friends are so precious, and I'm so glad to reconnect. This is twice this year that I've found someone from bygone days that meant so much to me. I must not let them get lost in the shuffle from now on as they still mean much to me.

I know I haven't posted in a while but have been busy with Vacation Bible School and other activities. Just haven't stopped or been motivated to sit down and write. I'm not even going to promise to try to do better as I never do. I'm still walking in the afternoons three times a week, yard sale-ing on Saturday mornings, attending church, planning Women's Ministry programs, working every day, finding "lost" friends (ha), reading, and whatever else comes along.

Happy Monday to everyone and have a wonderful week. Until next time...Wanda.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Flowers of Life

I love flowers but just have to admire them from afar as I DO NOT have a green thumb to grow my own. But the flowers I treasure most are the family and friends that have been placed in my life -- some to bless me and some for me to bless. I've had a wonderful weekend doing just that. On Saturday morning, my friend Ramona and I went yard sale-ing as usual. Guess how much we spent!? $.0 How many women do you know that can go shopping and not spend a penny? We did go to breakfast afterwards but that didn't count in the shopping. I came home and did a couple of loads of laundry and then went to Mrs. Sons' (my mother-in-law) and sat with her from 1:00 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. It was a wonderful visit. We talked, played Scrabble, looked at scrapbooks, watched the golf tournament, ate, talked, etc. She seemed so pleased that I came and stayed with her, and I know I came home thanking God for my blessings. She is paralyzed from waist down since her back surgery a year ago, so she's dependent on someone else for all of her needs.

Today being Fathers' Day, I received a call from my oldest wishing me a Happy Father's Day since I'm the only parent she or Steve have left. ha. I've never gotten a Happy Father's Day wish before!! I hope my sons-in-law, Steve and Mitch, both had good days with their wives and children. Hopefully, one of these days Stuart will have a family as well.

Heidi, in case you read this (as you usually do), I am way behind on thanking you for all the comments you leave for me. You are precious and I appreciate your sweet words and thoughts. I am so anxious for Baby Girl Brasher to arrive, the house to get done, and you three really settle in. We'll just have to make a trip out to see all of your "new" things. ha. I love you and Brian, so be sure to give him a hug for me.

Lora Gail, you also read my posts, and I thank you for commenting as well. You are so good about calling me and I appreciate your following though when you think to do so. I'm ashamed of myself for not calling you. I love you and hope all is well with you.

Until next time...Wanda.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

One of Six

It gets harder and harder to think up titles for these posts, but hopefully you'll get the drift by the time I'm through. I was blessed this weekend to have one of my six grandchildren spend the night with me on Friday night and all day Saturday. Steve had a wedding to perform on Saturday night, so he brought Emily with him to hang out with me while he took care of business and visited with his siblings. On Friday night, we went to McDonalds and got her some dinner, grocery shopped, and came home and watched a movie. On Saturday morning, I took her yard sale shopping with Ramona and me and everything I bought was for Emily. ha. Imagine that! After shopping, we went to Waffle House and had breakfast; then took her down to Cherokee Lake and walked once around it and saw five turtles on a log, several squirrels, and about four families of geese; came home and took a walk around my street; came home and watched another movie; played outside until the heat got to us; played on the computer; went out to her Aunt Sherry's to see her house renovations; ate a late lunch/dinner; got her bath; washed her hair; and had her all ready for dad when he returned from the wedding. They had to drive back home, and Emily left in tears. It was a bitter sweet moment -- I'm so glad she loves to come to my house and loves me so much, but it breaks my heart for her to leave crying. I'm sure by the time they were at the end of my street she was fine, as dad had promised her they would stop for ice cream. I love the one-on-one time I get to spend with whichever grandchild we can work it out with. My next one will be Andrew (age 4) sometime in July (I think) and maybe we can talk Luke (age 2) into a weekend before long. Today being Sunday, I have thoroughly enjoyed being in God's house, having lunch with the gang, coming home and napping, and back to church tonight. And, I'm looking forward to a wonderful week at work. Hope all of you had a great weekend. Until next time...Wanda.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Drawing a Blank

You guessed it, I can't think of anything interesting to write about. I do know that God is good and has blessed in so many ways this week:

(1) Jawan and family had a safe and fun trip to Missouri for a week of vacation;

(2) Angela and family made it through another school year, Steve's trip to Chili, and all the activities she is involved in;

(3) Stuart's work is picking up and he got to attend a Braves game with a friend;

(4) I've had a wonderful week as well working, walking with my friend, attending church, etc.;

(5) History has been made this week in politics, and I have to remind myself that God is in control; and

(6) Tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is upon us (yard sales!!!!!). ha.

We have much to be thankful for, and I plan to express my thanks to HIM before retiring for the night. I hope you will count your blessings and offer your thanks as well. So, until next time...Wanda.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Summer is here!

It's been in the mid to high 90's here all week, which tells me that in another month or two it will probably be hotter. Wow, walking in the afternoon really is a lot harder but I guess sweating can take off a pound or two as well. I've noticed they are installing beautiful decorative light poles around the lake on the wooded side, so I'm assuming there will be a lot of night walkers when it is cooler.

My week has been good - just really busy. Two bosses will be out tomorrow and one the next day, so it should slow down a bit. However, keeping up with four attorneys has not been too bad so far, and I love the challenge. As long as I can do it, they'll let me, which means job security, right?

I had another birthday this past week, and I'm thankful for every one of them. I got lots of cards, hugs, and gifts, which made me feel very special. God is so good for blessing me with a wonderfully sweet family and a bunch of crazy loving friends. The phrase "age is just a number" is so true. We can't do anything about our age number wise, but we don't have to give in to it. I certainly don't feel my age - may look it but don't feel it. Guess that's why so many people stay 39 for so long. ha.

Time to go something else so, until next time...Wanda.