Thursday, November 20, 2008


You see, you were surprised when you clicked on here and there was something new! Wish I were more like my daughter and do it daily - don't know who she got that from. I'm just glad God made her the way she is --- GO JAWAN!

I did get the terms of my employment nailed down this week and will give it a try for two or three months (unless something better comes along) to see how I handle it. My salary will be cut but I'll be given a four-day work week. That part I like. Also, my vacation and sick leave remain as they are now, so I won't have to give any of that up. Maybe in a few months things will change at the office and we'll grow instead of shrink. In the meantime, I am still checking with different firms to see what's available. Two of my former co-workers who are at two different firms now have said they will see what they can do to help me. They are both male attorneys that I worked with for years, so they know my capabilities. In fact, I was secretary to one of them, and we got along beautifully. So, we'll see. In my devotional this morning ("Dear Jesus" by Sarah Young), it said: "...You can say, "I trust you, Jesus" regardless of how you are feeling...Then rest in the knowledge that I am taking care of you and all that concerns you." So I have found myself saying those four words many times today, and I believe with all my heart that HE will take care of me.

I know Thanksgiving is next week and we all have so much to be thankful for. However, there are still so many needs even in my own family:

(1) My brother is still on a feeding tube due to throat cancer,

(2) My brother-in-law (Gwin in California) has been in the hospital this week, came home today, but they still don't know what his problems is/was. Last week they took a quart of fluid from his lungs, today they took another quart, and 6 liters from his stomach. It is so unusual for him to be sick (he's been on a health kick for years).

(3) Angela and Steve have not zeroed in on a house yet and are really squshed (is that a word?) in the little house they are hanging out in. Meredith, of course, stayed in Florida to finish her senior year of high school and is staying with the Mom and stepdad of the boy who is staying with me to go to school here. (We just swapped kids!) Ethan, being best friends with my house guest, is also staying at my house at night. So, I have two teenagers again. Boy can they eat!!!

(4) There are several other things that are too personal to put in writing for the world to see that I continue to pray about. God isn't on my time table, so I know HE will take care of those in his own time.

But in spite of the listed things that are not taken care of yet, there are so many more that are totally right that I can thank God for. They are too numerous to list but I have named them to myself and the blessings just continue to flow. I'm looking forward to next week when all of my children and grandchildren will be here. We always have such a good family time. Stuart is bringing his girlfriend, so I'm really looking forward to meeting her.

You just never know when I'm going to post something, so please don't stop clicking in. Until next time...Wanda.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Job Dilemma!

I've known for about a month that there was going to be some changes made at our office by the end of the year. I knew my main boss planned to retire and had heard that two of the other three were going with another firm, with the third going it alone. Well, this week, I learned that the two that had been offered positions with the other firm had turned down the offer and plan to stay right where they are. However, they talked with me and said that the only way they could keep the doors open was to make some drastic changes, one of which involved me. They said they would like for me to stay but, if I decide to do so, it will mean a huge cut in salary (about $13,000 a year) but that they would also give me a four-day work week.

After giving it lots of thought and prayer, I decided to check out the job market here in T'ville, hoping the pay scale has gone up in the 17-1/2 years I've been working in Florida. So, tomorrow morning, I have an interview with a law firm here. The idea of working back in town is very appealing to me and, since I'd have to take a salary cut where I am, I'd probably make that much here. So, why drive 72 miles round trip a day for the same amount?! I do still have a job, if I want to keep it, but am going to check out my options. Here's my list of pros and cons:

I have a job;
I love my job;
I have a very easy job;
I love my bosses;
I love the atmosphere at my office;
I make a great salary (at the moment);
I have four weeks vacation per year;
It's very laid back - no pressure;
Could have a 4-day work week, which would be nice;

Cut in salary
Still have the 72 miles round trip drive every day;
Price of gas;
Wear and tear on car;

Hmmmmm, seems the pros outweigh the cons. Oh well, after tomorrow, I'll have more information that could shift the balance. Psalms 15:22 says: "Plans go wrong with too few counselors; many counselors bring success." (LB) So, any input from anyone?

After my interview tomorrow, I'm heading to Columbus to see Jawan and family. Tomorrow is her 34th birthday, so I'm going to take her shopping! It's been several months since I've seen all of them and can hardly wait to get my hands on those three grandbabies!! Andrew and Luke are excited about my coming, but Abigail hasn't been with me enough to know who I am. I'll be there just long enough for her to get comfortable with me and then have to come home. But, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and they'll all be coming to my house.

Tomorrow is a special day for another reason as well: Angela and family are making the move back to T'ville. Sunday is Steve's first day at First Newark Baptist as their new pastor, and I plan to be at the service. That is a beautiful church and I pray that he will be there for a long time as pastor. They haven't found a house to buy yet so will be hanging out in a little house close to the church for a couple of weeks or so.

Ok, I don't blog very often and then when I do I just go on and on. It's hard getting started and then hard to stop. ha. So, until next time...Wanda.