Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Job!

I just finished my second day on the new job and love it!!! Of course, I haven't done any work yet but tomorrow should be the real "start" for that. I've been getting acquainted with the staff, procedures, office layout, etc. Everyone has been really friendly and helpful, and I've already made friends with the bookkeeper (she's my age) and went to lunch with her today. I won't be working for any particular attorney and have been assigned one duty of being the PR person for the firm when a new potential case is called in. I took one today and was complimented on how I handled it. Whew! The main boss told me today that tomorrow we would have a meeting and divide up some of the files (about 30 are coming to me) and that would keep me really busy. You wouldn't believe the number of cases they currently handle. It's unbelievable and I wonder how they keep up with all of it. Guess I'm about to find out. ha. I'm having to shift from the defense mode to the prosecuting mode, which may take a while. This is a plaintiff's firm, which explains their case load. The drive to work is about 11 miles shorter with much less traffic, so it only takes about 25-30 minutes to get to work vs. an hour on the old job. I can sleep later, leave later, and get home earlier. Nothing wrong with that picture, right?

Getting home earlier, I was able to walk at the lake this afternoon. Since this is my first day to get back into the routine, I only walked two miles. My goal is to walk three miles a day three times a week and drop 20-30 pounds before Stuart's wedding in July. I just pray that I'll stick to it!

Will update you more later. Until next time...Wanda.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

News! News!

I am so excited and thankful! I have a new job! I start in one week at another law firm in another town that's closer with much less traffic. This commute should take about an hour and a half off my drive time each day, so that will be a blessing. I give all the glory to God because He worked it out, and I thank each of you who prayed for me to find something. It's really a bad time to be job hunting, but God knew his plan and provided just what I need. Wow! I'll let you know once I start how things progress. I do know the work load will be heavier as this is a plaintiffs' firm. For the last 18 years, I've worked for a defense firm, so I gotta change horses and learn this program. ha.

I'm also excited about my youngest daughter and her family coming to my house this week during Spring break. Since the oldest, her husband and three children live here, all of them will be here at some point (or several points) during the week. Two grandchildren have birthdays on Wednesday (Emily -Angela's youngest - will be 9 and Andrew - Jawan's oldest - will be 5 - born on the same date four years apart). So, we're gonna party!

My house guest is back for six months, so I have a teenager in the house once more. Jon is a wonderful young guy and I enjoy having him around. I found out this morning that he is a really heavy sleeper. His alarm began buzzing at 7:15 this morning just as I was getting up and buzzed for the next 33 minutes before he turned it off. I was about to check on him to be sure he was still alive! ha. If I had not been taking a shower, putting on makeup with the radio on, I probably would have knocked on his door and aroused him. But, he finally turned it off, got up, dressed and made it to Sunday School and church on time.

My grandson, Ethan (age 17), is now singing with two other guys in a group called Life Song from Madison, FL. Last night (Saturday), they did their first concert at Jelly Stone Park in Madison, so I, my friend Dianne, Jon, and Angela and family all went. One of the guy's mom had prepared a free spaghetti dinner and dessert. Yum, it was sooooo good! I am so proud of Ethan. He has a wonderful voice and is having so much fun singing with the other two. One of them is married but the other one is not. They plan to do a CD in June so I'll be reporting back to you on that.

After a week of pouring rain, Friday and Saturday were absolutely gorgeous - warm (almost hot) with blue skies without a cloud to be seen. Today was overcast and sprinkly and it's supposed to rain some more this week and turn cooler. Seems it usually does that just before Easter. I hope all of you have a great week and celebrate our Lord's resurrection on this coming Sunday with a day of worship and reflection on what a sacrifice Jesus made for us so that our sins could be forgiven. He gave his life - let's give Him ours!

Until next time...Wanda.