Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Ok, I've been ordered twice now by my ever-so-faithful-blogging daughter to update my blog. Guess I better obey. It's been so long since my last one I can hardly remember what's happened in between.

I do know I was sick in December and missed a week of work, took a week of vacation the first part of this month and went to Florida to keep my three oldest grandchildren while Angela and Steve went on a cruise. It was a wonderful week for all of us with no problems (I didn't expect any because they are wonderful children). Angela and Steve thoroughly enjoyed the cruise (who wouldn't being in the company of David Jeremiah, Jerry Vines, Johnny Hunt, Gold City, etc. etc.etc) and came home still wearing their "sea legs." It was rather comical watching them grab hold of furniture to keep from falling. ha.

Since being back at work, we've moved our offices from one building to another, changed the name of the firm (actually just added a couple names), and are trying to find places for all our "stuff." I'm trying to get used to having my desk out in the open with constant traffice back and forth. Guess in time it will feel like home.

My "baby" turns 31 this weekend, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY STU-BUG! I don't know where the years have gone since he entered the world at 4 pounds 5 ounces (now 6'1", approx. 170 lbs). I'm so thankful God has granted good health, good families, and most of all salvation to all my children. I pray for each of them daily that they will stay close to the Lord, be sensitive to his leading, and be protected from all harm (as well as a mound of other requests). God is good and has answered many of my prayers and is still working on a lot of the rest.

Until next time, I love you Steve, Angela, Meredith, Ethan, Emily, Mitch, Jawan, Andrew, Luke and Stuart. Mom.