Sunday, March 02, 2008


I just returned this afternoon from the "Destiny" Women's Conference in Destin, FL with the theme "How Do I Know I Heard God's Voice?" It was a wonderful weekend meeting new friends, hearing stirring testimonies, being taught the word (by Ann Nunnally of Thomasville, who also is the head of the committee that puts the retreat together every year), singing songs of praise, and eating delicious food. There were ladies from Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and Minnesota in attendance with all ages from 2 months to 84 years. One young lady was saved the first night and many decisions and breakthroughs were made by others. The guest speaker was Linda Goldfarb from San Antonio, TX and she was wonderful. That's her in the second picture with me (she's the pretty one - ha). The trip there and back with my friend, Connie (that's her in the first picture with me), was wonderful as well with non-stop talk. We also roomed together and instead of watching TV at night, we talked. She's on the committee that puts together the retreat every year, and I'm thankful she insisted that I go with her. Tomorrow, it's back to work but with a renewed determination to spend more time with the Lord so I'll be sure when I hear his voice. So, until next time...Mom.