Monday, November 09, 2009

Better Late than Never

With Facebook, Yahoo mail and blogger, I can hardly keep up. (Not to mention the game that I'm addicted to - hee hee.) Too, I feel that my blog is rather boring to everyone except my family, but I get reprimanded when I get lazy about it. So,

Work has been sooooooo busy lately. We have a trial that starts Friday of this week and is supposed to last through all of next week. I had to go in to the office Saturday morning with several others, and another crew will be there this Saturday. My boss looks so tired, but he keeps pressing on trying to do the best job possible for his clients. By this time in his life, he should be able to lighten up but has such a work load there's no way he can slow down. Yes, we have two other attorneys in the office, but they also have a heavy load. I hope that means I have job security. It's a different ballgame from the one I've been involved with the past 18 years, i.e. the defense side. Being on the prosecuting side is so much more involved, so many more details to remember and do. It's a good thing I love it and am motivated by the load. Today, we had the clients in whose trial is next week and took them to lunch. I was asked by the boss's wife to go along as well and had a delightful time with them. They are in their 80s but had such a good sense of humor and wit.

I'm getting droopy so guess that means I should shut this down and get some sleep.