Saturday, December 09, 2006


Yep, I've been sick for three days with a horrible cold and coughing my head off. Today being Saturday, I had planned to finish my Christmas shopping, grocery shop, etc. However, this cold had other plans for me. I felt awful when I got up this morning, so I decided I would give in to it and just do nothing all day. I've spent most of the day in my recliner drinking orange juice, Diet Coke, Capri Sun and nibbling. Would you believe, I do feel better now! Halleleujah! Still coughing, but feel better physically. Hopefully, by morning, I will feel even better as I don't want to miss church. I did get a few more gifts wrapped this afternoon and washed the dishes. So, the day was not a total waste as far as "doing" something goes. I just knew you would want to know all that. ha. Maybe my next post will be a more positive one. Until then, I love you Steve, Angela, Meredith, Ethan, Emily, Mitch, Jawan, Andrew, Luke and Stuart. Mom.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Birthday #1

I drove to Columbus yesterday to attend my youngest grandchild's birthday party today. Luke won't be 1 until 12/14, but his Mom and Dad decided to party early. He is so precious but in the middle of teething and being weaned so he doesn't sleep well at night. Boy what a combination of problems for a wee one to handle. However, Mom and Dad are coping well, exhibiting lots of patience, and loving him through it all. The party was wonderful, and Luke really "got into" his own little cake. It was all over him in just a few minutes. ha. Andrew helped open little brother's gifts, and one guest even brought a gift for him -- a train set! Nothing Andrew likes more than trains, so I'm sure once Dad got it out of the box and put together he's had a blast playing with it. I don't know if the train was an early/late birthday gift for Andrew or not, but it was so sweet of the guy to think of him too. I got home this afternoon about 6:30, went by Captain D's and got me some dinner, and am watching Florida/Arkansas play football. You probably think I'm crazy for liking football but I just do. Anyway, I need to unpack my suitcase and do a few other things before retiring for the night. Until next time, I love you Steve, Angela, Meredith, Ethan, Emily, Mitch, Jawan, Andrew, Luke and Stuart. Mom.