Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another milestone!

My baby turned 32 today!!! Wow, how time flies. Happy Birthday, Stuart, and I hope you had a wonderful day and will have many, many, many more. It seems when your children are little that they will never grow up but all of a sudden they are grown, gone from home and making a life of their own. I'm so proud of my three and pray that they will seek God's will for their lives and then have the courage to make the right decisions, live as they know they should, and put God first in everything.

Being raised in a preacher's home, I've heard, read and been taught all my life that our strength comes from the Lord. I've always believed that, but just recently I've come to know that in a new way. Going through this bout of depression, spiritual warfare, or whatever else you want to call it, I find that the only way I find real peace is to RUN to God's Word and talk to Him in prayer. Only then do I find my spirit calming down and my mind thinking right. I know God will see me through and that He has something good in store for me. So, even though I've seen and experienced answers, I still need your prayers.

Until next time...Mom.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

To God Be The Glory!

After two full weeks of intense TLC from my daughters, son, grandchildren, church family, counselor, and medicine, the "STUFF" I last wrote about is almost gone. I went back to work this week and, except for the first day, have had a very good week. I know I would be amazed if I knew the number of prayers that have been said on my behalf, and I'm grateful for every prayer, call, visit, hug, and card that came my way. I found that singing hymns out loud, quoting scripture out loud, reading the Word out loud, and praying out loud really put the devil on the run and gave me the strength I needed to get through the day/night. Hopefully, I won't have to deal with that kind of thing again, and I give God the glory for it all. HE is the One who saw that I was surrounded by my family and friends and answered their prayers (and mine). We serve an awesome God who does all things for our good and His glory. It is my prayer that I learned some things during this time that will be beneficial down the road for myself or someone else. I plan to be back at my post of duty at church (piano) this Sunday and can hardly wait. So, until next time...Mom.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dealing With "STUFF"

Gee, it's been ages since I blogged but have some pretty good reasons (or excuses). I've been dealing with a lot of stuff -- depression, etc. -- and even yet do not have a handle on it. However, I'm on a plan so maybe before long I'll be able to report victory. If you've never experienced depression, I pray that you never will. If you have, then you can relate to where I am and know that I need your prayers. I'm surrounded with family and friends who are doing just that for me and am so thankful God has placed them in my life. There's no reason I can think of that brought this on as I have a wonderful family, friends, job, home, automobile, finances, and all the necessities for living a good life. Maybe it's just a test God is putting me through to prune me for bigger and better things. When this is all over, I will be glad to use it for His glory if He so desires. It has rained all day today, so I've not been out of the house. I've watched TV, read my Bible, been on the computer, prayed, and talked on the phone to family and friends. I'm hoping I can spend the night by myself tonight without having to have someone come over the stay with me. I am on a mild antidepressant, but it hasn't had time yet to get into my system. Maybe in another week it will kick in and make a difference. So, between now and my next blog, I covet your prayers. Until next time, I love you.....Mom.