Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Finally found it!

I've been looking for two years for a black entertainment center and finally found it this past weekend at Turner's in Moultrie. The pictures are posted mostly for the benefit of my children, but I'm kinda proud of it and don't mind showing it off. However, my TV looks rather lost and may force me to buy a bigger flat screen more the size of the cabinet. I'll put that on my "want" list and see how long it takes for that to happen. ha. As for the living room, I think this finishes all I wanted to do (except for pictures on the wall). I'm working on the pictures and hope to have them up soon. I found seven black frames at a yard sale that already had the matting in them, so they will look really good once I get them filled. Three are done - four to go! I still have a long list of things I want to do (new window coverings for my bedroom, crown molding for bedrooms, two new bedroom suits, new storage building, landscaping, etc. etc. etc.). I suppose there's no end to that kind of thing, but it's fun to actually be able to accomplish one or two and dream about the others. Who knows!?! I just may get them all done. Oh well, enough of that.

I had another doctor's appointment today for a pap smear and breast exam. Of course every time you go, you have to get weighed. I just was there last Thursday for a "re-establish" visit and was weighed then as well. Guess what!?!?!? Between last Thursday and today I lost another 2 pounds! Wow, was I excited! On the way home from church tonight, I went by the grocery store and bought salad fixings to take to the office for lunch. I've been eating quite a bit of salads and walking my 2 to 3 miles several times a week and think it's beginning to pay off. Gotta keep it up for my trip!! I have another appointment in about two weeks for a mammogram (ugh!) and bone density test and will probably get weighed again. Hopefully, I'll have more good news after that.

Ok, I've posted two nights straight and am give out! ha. It's getting close to bedtime, so, until next time...Wanda.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Although I don't have much to report, I thought I better put something on here for my faithful few who click in each day. Sorry I've disappointed you in not writing before now, but.....

Angela, Steve and Emily came this past weekend and spent the night on Sunday and went home yesterday afternoon. Neither Jawan nor Stuart got to come, but I'm hoping they both had a good day. I made good use of having Steve and his truck here as I had purchased a new entertainment center and needed help getting it home. It couldn't have worked out better!

It's only a week and a half before my trip to Mississippi and I can hardly wait. Norma is coming as well, so we three siblings will get to spend two or three days together. And, as I've already told you, I'm getting to reconnect with a couple of childhood friends as well while there. I'll have lots to talk about when I get home (hopefully with lots of pictures).

We survived Hurricane Fay with nothing but rain, wind and a lot of limbs everywhere. Well, there were several big trees uprooted around town, but my little piece of property only got lots of rain and limbs. It seems that Hurricane Gustav missed us also, and I've counted my blessings. I just hope Hurricane Hannah calms down and goes on her merry way with no effects as well. Gee, I'm ready for some "normal" weather!! However, I know God is in control so I'll just be thankful for His protection thus far and pray that He will continue to do so in the future.

Ok, that's all I can think of for the moment, so until next time...Wanda.