Tuesday, June 20, 2006


My one and only sister had a milestone birthday this past Sunday - her 70th!!!! She is the most beautiful 70 year old you have ever seen (no one would ever guess her age), both physically and spiritually. As I have said in the past and will probably say again many times yet, she has always been my role model. I love her with all my heart and have more fun with her. Every time I talk to her, she has a funny story to tell of something that has really happened to her. She's been married since the age of 15 (55 years!) to the same wonderful man, is the mother to three beautiful children, the grandmother of 6 beautiful grandchildren, and great-grandmother to 5 precious little ones. Wow! She and I didn't have a lot of growing-up-together time since she married so young and I was only 9. And, since she lives in Los Angeles, there's still not much time together; but the time we have spent has been precious and we've found that we have much in common - we both LOVE shoes, clothes, search word puzzles, eating, shopping, etc., etc. In the event she reads this, I just wanted her to know how much I love her, look up to her, and long for another visit soon. I love you dearly, Sis! Wanda.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Weekend report

Wow, are you shocked that I've updated so soon!? Just wanted to report on my weekend with Angela and family -- IT WAS GREAT!! I am so pleased and happy with their location, house, church, etc. I was also impressed that she had gotten all of the boxes unpacked and things were in place. The house is really nice and has such a "home" feel. Yes, they are out in the country, but not so far that they can't run into town to pick up necessities within a few minutes. The closest Walmart is about 22 miles away (and we paid a visit to the one in Lake City on Saturday), so hopefully Angela will work through her withdrawals in a while. ha. Steve baptized one of their youth on Sunday morning at the beginning of the service, and an older couple joined at the end of the service. He preached a wonderful Father's Day sermon that was full of his own emotion and convictions. It was so rewarding to my heart to see Meredith walk up to her dad at least twice during the weekend and wrap her arms around his neck and just rest her head on his chest as Steve responded in like manner. No words were exchanged, but you could see the love the two of them have for each other. Thank you, Lord, for two Godly sons-in-law!!!!!!!!!! Ok, I'm at work and need to get busy. Until next time, I love you Steve, Angela, Meredith, Ethan, Emily, Mitch, Jawan, Andrew, Luke and Stuart. Mom.

Friday, June 16, 2006


Hey, ya'll!! It's been a while, and I've procrastinated long enough. But, in my defense, I have been busy. Last weekend, I traveled to Columbus to visit with Jawan and family. Stuart drove over from Stockbridge, and we had a wonderful day together on Saturday. He and I both left late Saturday afternoon. This weekend, I'm traveling to High Springs for two-day visit with Angela and family. I haven't seen their new place and am excited about scoping it out. ha. Emily and I have to catch up on our time together too as there are no more overnights on Fridays. It's been a busy week also in that we had our ladies' meeting at church on Tuesday night and prayer meeting on Wednesday night. That plus trying to work on my house has had me hopping. My progress is slow, but I'm getting there. Marcus has not been over yet to give me an estimate on the renovation I want done but I'm hoping that will happen sometime next week. That's pretty much it in a nutshell for me so, until next time, I love you Steve, Angela, Meredith, Ethan, Emily, Mitch, Jawan, Andrew, Luke and Stuart. Mom.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I'm finally really experiencing the empty nest syndrome and, so far, it hasn't been too bad. I do miss not having any of the children close by and will probably miss them even more as time goes on. Right now, it just feels like they are on vacation. ha. This past weekend was the first one I've spent all alone, so I stayed really busy doing things I don't normally get to do. Usually, Emily spends Friday nights with me and she and I play, watch movies, eat, etc. Since that was not the case this past weekend, I found other things to occupy my time - vacuuming, mopping, stripping beds, washing, gardening, shopping, visiting with a neighbor I only see in passing, etc. I was pooped by night time, but it was a good tired. On Monday (holiday), I painted the front bedroom, bought a new refrigerator and set out plants around my mailbox. Maybe I'll go yard sale shopping this weekend, visit my neighbor across the street (age 82) that just had a lump removed yesterday from her breast, and who knows what else. Oh, yes, I had a birthday this past Sunday as well and am thankful to have had another one. After church, I went to lunch with a couple from my church and enjoyed spending time with them. I have several projects in my head that I'm working on, so by the time the kids and families all come to my house, I'm hoping to have some neat surprises for them. That's about it for now. Until next time, I love you Steve, Angela, Meredith, Ethan, Emily, Mitch, Jawan, Andrew, Luke and Stuart. Mom.