Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thankfulness Update

I just got home from Wednesday night church and feel great! I've been in a bit of a depressed fog the last couple of days, but it has lifted and I'm again counting my blessings. I could name several reasons but won't go into that at the moment. We are studying about Noah on Wednesday nights for a few weeks and, when you really think about his life, it makes you look at your own with a different mindset. Wow, he was 500 years old when he began building the ark and it took almost 120 years to finish it. Just think of the ridicule and horrible things that were probably said to him by neighbors and friends who had never seen rain; then the years it took to build - would we be willing to invest that kind of time in a project?; then when finished, he had all those animals to care for (hard to imagine the amount of food it took for the year they were on board); plus being cooped up and not able to go anywhere! You see what I mean? I don't have any problems. ha Of course, he was in the middle of God's will, which probably meant he had that perfect peace to enable him to cope with whatever came along. So, I'm thankful for all the people in my life (children, grandchildren, church family, friends, etc.), the "things" God has blessed me with, and the spiritual heritage given to me by my wonderful parents (who are now in heaven). Until next time, I love you Steve, Angela, Meredith, Ethan, Emily, Mitch, Jawan, Andrew, Luke and Stuart. Mom.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I attended the Women of Faith conference in Orlando, FL this past weekend and was blessed to overflowing. The speakers were some of my very favorites: Patsy Clairmont, Luci Swindoll, Marilyn Meberg, Sheila Walsh, Sandi Patti, Avalon, Thelma Wells, and a couple of others that I can't remember names of right now. In spite of the fact we were seated in the nose bleed section, it didn't hinder the blessings. There were thousands of women there and something for everyone. Not only was the conference wonderful, the ride there and back with Angela and the women from her church was great as well. They were a sweet bunch of ladies and made me feel a part of their group. Sixteen of us on that bus and my hat is off to driver and navigator. ha They did a super job maneuvering in Orlando. Naturally, I enjoyed the two nights I spent with Angela and family (one before and one after the conference). I am so PROUD of my grandchildren!! Until next time, I love you Steve, Angela, Meredith, Ethan, Emily, Mitch, Jawan, Andrew, Luke and Stuart. Mom.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Bits and Pieces

See, I'm doing better! Not quite as long between notes as before. Not a whole lot to report either, but something's better than nothing I guess. For past three or four weeks, I've been coping with tendenitis in my left wrist and thumb. It really hurts when I type and play the piano. Hopefully, as the scripture says, "It came to pass." Soon, please! Three of my friends from church and I went to a ladies' seminar in Pelham this past Saturday and really had a good time. We attended two sessions: one on spiritual health and the other on physical health. Both were packed with wonderful principles and advice. I enjoyed the spiritual health more but need to put both into practice. This weekend, I'm joining Angela and her church ladies for a trip to Orlando to attend the Women of Faith conference and am so excited. I've always wanted to go to that and never have been able to work it out. If any of you have read Jawan's blog, you know that my grandchild #6 is on the way (her third child). Wow! I knew they were planning to have another one or two but it happened a wee bit sooner than I expected. Oh, Lord, please give her patience and wisdom is my prayer. I went down that road once upon a time also, so I know she can do it. Tomorrow is her own birthday and I'm so proud of the wonderful woman she has become. I could write a whole book on my gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness, admiration, love and every other adjective you can think of where my children are concerned, but I'll save that for my quiet time with the Lord. Have a happy, blessed week. Until next time, I love you Steve, Angela, Meredith, Ethan, Emily, Mitch, Jawan, Andrew, Luke and Stuart. Mom.