Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday Night Live!

No, not the TV program - just me and my doings. It is being a good weekend, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Last night, Dianne, Emily and I went to Tallahassee to the Lighthouse Children's Home to hear The Hayes Family and The Reggie Saddler Family. I love both groups, and it was a wonderful concert. Emily spent the night with me, of course, and today we ran errands, got my hair cut, took her home, and then went to dinner with Herman and Ramona and after dinner to a movie (The Couples Retreat). I'm planning to fix lunch tomorrow for Angela and family. It's been a long time since I did a Sunday lunch at home for them, so I was feeling that it was overdue. I just got home and now have a few things to do before bedtime.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Middle of the Week

Guess I should do what Jawan does - call it "wordless Wednesday" and just post a picture. ha. Of course, I don't have any cute ones like she does. Anyway, I'll get fussed at by a couple or three someones if I don't post something. ha.

It's been a good week so far. I have so many blessings in friends and family who keep in touch and let me know I matter to them. You know who you are, so THANKS from the bottom of my heart. I've struggled a bit this past week with my depression bouts but have found that if I take my medicine at night, I don't wake in the morning with it. This week has been much better. My job keeps me so busy I can hardly think, so I don't know how this stuff gets through. But, I know whose I am, and HE has promised to walk with me "through" it all. One of my favorite verses in the Bible is: "And it came to pass..." Everything we experience does eventually pass and comes our way for a reason. I just hope I pass the test and learn the lessons I need to learn in the midst.

As always, I'm looking forward to the weekend. Dianne and I plan to go to the Lighthouse Children's Home on Friday night to hear The Hayes Family and The Reggie Sadler Family. They are both wonderful groups, so it will be a great outing with a dear friend. More about that later. I'm sure also that Emily will be with me most of the weekend as well, and I always enjoy her.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Experience!

Yes, I did something last night I never thought I would have done. A friend and former co-worker (Nancy) at another job called me about mid-afternoon and asked if I would go with her to Tallahassee to the Civic Center to see "So You Think You Can Dance!" That's something I really am not into, but I did appreciate her thinking of me and it was something different to do. We went, the Center was full, it was terribly loud, but some of the most amazing dancers I've ever seen to be so young. They had the top 10 from season 5 that a lot of you will be familiar with. I felt really out of my comfort zone but enjoyed the outing. She and I left early enough to stop at Applebees in Tallahassee and eat before going to the performance. Got home last night about midnight.

Come this Friday night, God willing, Dianne and I are going to the Childrens' Lighthouse in Tallahassee to hear the Hayes Family and the Reggie Sadler Family. Now that's my love - Southern Gospel! I love to be touched by the music and words and to be fed spiritually. I guess it's a good thing we are not all alike in our tastes, as it takes one to make us appreciate the other. I do look forward to being with friends on whatever the outing.

Emily spent this past Friday night with me and on Saturday we delivered Cross Creek cards and she talked me into going to the Imagination Unlimited to let her paint something. It's so hard to say "no" to grandchildren, so I caved. Andrew and Luke, I owe you one on your next visit. ha.

I'm looking forward to the coming week and plan to have a good one. Hope all of you do, too.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So Many Needs!

We are a needy people. Just in my own family, there are financial needs, spiritual needs, emotional needs, and physical needs. I know my family is not unique and I know that thousands, even millions, of people before have gone through the same trials. It is such a comfort to know that our God has promised to meet our NEEDS - not wants - and knows every detail of our lives. He has also promised to see us through whatever trials come our way. There's a song by the Perrys that's called "The Potter Knows The Clay." What a powerful reminder that we are clay in the Potter's hands, and he has a plan to mold us into what He wants us to be. We have to yield to the wheel and His hands and be thankful that He cares enough to work on us. In spite of how it appears, He is in control! Thank you, Jesus!!!

Now that I've preached to myself (and maybe to someone else), I'll just say I am thankful for the blessings in my life. I spent three days last week with my Columbus grandchildren while their mom and dad took a 10th anniversary trip. What a joy it was to play with them, read to them, sing wih them, feed them, rock, hold and finally pray with them at mealtime and before bedtime. It was amazing to hear the spiritual songs they knew and the rules of the home. The two boys had a soccer game on Saturday morning (the coldest day so far this year), and their team won. Andrew was the star of the game and made seven of the eight goals. Luke blocked at least two goals and got in several good kicks to the ball when not the goalie. Both of them played the whole game. Andrew and a player on the other team collided with each other in a head butt, so he went home with a knot on his cheek. As much as I love all of them, it's been a long time since I had all of those chores to do (picking them up from school on Thursday when I got there, taking them home and fixing dinner, giving baths, reading stores, praying with them, putting the to bed; then in the mornings getting them up, fed, dressed, teeth brushed, lunches packed, and dropping off at school, taking them to Cici's for pizza, playing outside, etc. etc. etc.). So, I was a wee bit tired by the time I got home. Guess I'm spoiled by being by myself, doing what I want, when I want or not. But, by my age, I've earned it and don't feel guilty. On the other hand, anytime my grandchildren need me, I'll be there!

Ok, time has gotten away from me again. I must get to bed as I was late this morning due to the fact I got my oil changed in the car before going in. I've decided I will never get "caught up" in my job but do need to get there a little early to get a handle on the day.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Forgive me, Lord

If you read my comment on Facebook, you know that I said I feel like the Apostle Paul in that "the things I don't want to do, I do; and the things I want to do, I don't." Here it is 11:00 p.m. and I've not done my quiet time. Instead, I've watched Dancing With the Stars, played on the computer, ate, washed dishes, etc. Why do I put that off? I'm thankful for God's forgiveness, but I know He must get so disappointed and exasperated with his children. I am so disobedient. Therefore, I'm cutting this short, turning off the TV and computer, and going to my room to read my Bible. G'nite.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Time Challenged

It's been such a busy week I've hardly had time to think. Let's see, Wednesday night was church, Thursday night to Madison, FL to the Jellystone Park to hear Ethan and his group along with Gold City, Friday night to Steve's church to hear the Blackwood Gospel Quartet, and Saturday night to another church where Ethan's group sang. I've had a wonderful dose of Southern Gospel music and loved every minute of it. Steve filled in with Ethan's group on Thursday and Saturday nights and did an awesome job singing tenor when he is really a baritone. Something wonderful has happened as a result that only God could have orchestrated. A friend of mine went with me to the sings on both Friday night and Saturday nights. She is not "into" quartet music like I am but does enjoy it. She was really impressed with Ethan's voice and spirit. Today at her church, another gospel group was there. To make a long story short, she told the group about Ethan and they want to talk to him!!!!!!! One of their members wants to drop out and they are looking for someone to replace him. Guess what part he sings! You got it - baritone. He asked that Ethan call him this Tuesday night so I can hardly wait to see what happens.

I've lived in Thomasville now for 31 years and have never been to the "Fly-In" at our little airport until this weekend. There were over 100 airplanes there, and it was quite interesting to walk around and look at them. The above (bottom) is a picture of the plane used in making the movie "Amelia" that is soon to be released and is a replica of the one Amelia Earhart flew on her last voyage. The middle picture is of one that was just so cute I had to include it. Click on it to make it bigger so you can see its tongue and eyes. Of course, most of the planes were small ones, but there was also a jet in the hangar as you can see (top).
This next week, I'll be leaving on Wednesday to go to Columbus to babysit my three grandchildren while their parents go on a 10th anniversary get-away for a couple of days. So, it will be a short work week and put me that much farther behind, but it will be worth it. Gotta go do a few things before bedtime so will catch you later.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tuesday Tediousness

Boy, it has been a busy day. Came home tired and then went and walked, so I'm really pooped. I have decided this new job of mine is one that I will NEVER get caught up on. Besides what's already on my "to-do" list, more is added every day. I just pray for patience, wisdom, energy and stick-to-it-ive-ness. Tomorrow will be easier as I will be in the Tallahassee office - just more behind for the day after. You see what I mean?! But I'm so thankful to God for the gift of being able to work, for providing a wonderful job for me, and for the skill and energy to tackle it every day. I'm thankful for family and friends to interact with who love me in spite of my faults.

I haven't had dinner yet and my show (Dancing With the Stars) will be on shortly. So, I'm gonna find something to eat, watch the show, and work on my Women's Ministry scrapbook.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Back to Normal

Yep, I took Abigail back to her parents today and missed her by the time we were out of sight. She is a precious gift, and I enjoyed her so much. She went to church with me this morning and went right into her age group with no problem. When I picked her up, she had a box labeled Noah's Ark and a whole bunch of plastic animals and two clothes pins with faces drawn on for Noah and Mrs. Noah. She just soaks up the teachings and is being taught by her parents the important things, like the following:

Jawan: Abigail, who made you?
Abigail: God.
Jawan: Who else did He make?
Abigail: Everybody.
Jawan: Why did He make you?
Abigail: For His glory (waving hands in the air).
Jawan: How much does He love you?
Abigail: This much (spreads her arms straight out).

For a 2 year old, that's not bad, and I'm so glad she learns quickly. I know having two sons-in-law who are pastors is no guarantee that all will go well for the children, but I do believe that they are being given a firm foundation on which to stand. Thank you Steve and Angela, Mitch and Jawan for my six wonderful grandchildren and for bringing them up in the house and Word of the Lord!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Saturday Joy!

It's not often I get alone time with my 2 year old granddaughter, Abigail, but this is one of those times. I met Jawan in Albany yesterday and brough Abigail home with me for the weekend. She is such a joy, such a chatterbox (although I don't understand most of what she says), and such an easy child to have around. I rocked her to sleep shortly after we got home last night, and neither of us got up until about 8:00 a.m. this morning. We have a full day ahead of us so we must get on with it, i.e. pet store, Belks, recycling bins, the dump, etc. So, more later about what we have done. Just wanted her mom to know that all is well with her wee one.